4 Ways That Pilates Can Improve Your Physical Performance.

Do you enjoy athletic and competitive sports? If you’re a sportsman or woman who wants to improve your physical performance then read on, because this post is for you!

There’s a popular misconception that Pilates, with its gentle restorative properties, is too slow-paced to be a proper workout and should be reserved for rehabilitation. In fact, this myth can be easily dispelled by the Olympians, competitive tennis players, footballers, NFL players and many other competitive sportspeople who incorporate Pilates into their training regime… Pilates helps improve flexibility, strength and concentration, all vital elements in maintaining peak physical performance.

Here are 4 ways that Pilates can help to improve your physical performance.

  • Increased Strength – Pilates focusses on strengthening your core muscles. By regularly working these deep abdominal muscles you will become increasingly stronger; in turn, this will lead to increased speed and endurance.
  • More Flexibility – Increasing your flexibility can improve your speed of movement. Importantly, increased flexibility can also reduce your chances of sustaining injury. So, if you’re training for a competitive event adding some Pilates classes into your regime is a grand idea.
  • More Controlled Breathing – In a Pilates class we place much focus on breathing. Breathing control is important in any physical challenge. So being aware of how and when you breathe will help you meet your challenges head on.
  • More Focus – Any athlete or competitive sportsperson will tell you that you always need to keep your eyes on the prize. A mind-body connection is at the very core of Pilates. Joseph Pilates described his controlled technique as a thinking way of movement; being self-aware of the movements you need to make to reach your finish line will ensure you reach it before anybody else.

Let Andrea help you reach your peak! Find a Chichester Pilates class and add it to your training programme.