3 Ways Postnatal Pilates Can Help You Become a Strong Mama

American authoress, Barbara Kingsolver, once wrote, “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws”, and while that may be so, it’s also true that only 50 percent of women believe they have recaptured their normal energy levels within six weeks of giving birth. At Chichester Pilates our postnatal Pilates can support you on your journey back to vitality, helping you become a stronger Mama… 

Here are three reasons why:

1. Postnatal Pilates gently strengthens your core that will have undergone significant changes through childbirth. 

We specifically work to target your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles safely. Many women will experience Diastasis Recti (the separation of the rectus abdominis) during pregnancy, and while it can be tempting to begin abdominal crunches to banish the associated post baby tummy that manifests itself with this condition, doing so can be dangerous and lead to injury. We will concentrate on gentle abdominal and pelvic floor exercises, so you regain your strength.

2. The rise of social media can often put pressure on new mums to regain their pre-pregnancy shape within an unrealistic timescale.

 We focus on what is happening within your body, rather than what is seen on the surface, and as a result, witness an increase in confidence as women who attend our Postnatal Pilates classes reconnect with their bodies becoming stronger inside and out.

3. Around 50 percent of women will suffer from the baby blues after giving birth, and for 10 – 15 percent of women this can develop into postnatal depression.

You’ll find that the social element of Postnatal Pilates combined with the gentle exercise can relieve stress, aid sleep and help you find balance and strength in your life as a new Mama. Because you are with other new Mums, you will benefit from a great support network in class, nobody minds if your baby cries or needs feeding during the class. 


If you would like or know of anybody that would like to try Postnatal Pilates, our groups run on Mondays and Fridays. These can be joined 6 – 8 weeks after giving birth (10 weeks if you have had a C-section), and after a satisfactory postnatal checkup with your GP or midwife. 

You simply need to bring yourself and your baby, a baby blanket and a favourite baby toy.  Find out more HERE.