Pilates Takeaway - Focus on Your Pelvic Floor

Focus on Pelvic Floor

If your pelvic floor loses tone, your posture will collapse, and this can lead to back pain. Actively working the pelvic floor muscle helps to relieve or prevent lower back pain.

The exercises are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
A well conditioned pelvic floor provides added support during pregnancy and will lower your risk of experiencing incontinence after having your baby.

Take 10-15 minutes for yourself  
Get rid of all distractions and give yourself some me time in a calm, quiet area. Perform the exercises gently and stop if it feels painful or too uncomfortable.

We have designed this Pilates takeaway for anyone who attends my all abilities or postnatal pilates classes.


Standing Mobility Squats

These squats will strengthen your core, They also work to tone and condition your thighs and glutes!

1. Stand tall with a soft ball or small cushion between your knees, to engage your inner thighs, relax your arms by your sides.

Squat Start Position

2. Draw up your pelvic floor muscles, (imagine you are trying to stop a wee midflow) and tighten your abdominal muscles.

3. Inhale to prepare.

4. As you exhale bend your knees, raise your arms in front to shoulder height, Focus on keeping your pelvic floor engaged!


5. Inhale to return to the start position.

Repeat 10 times, increase the number of reps every day, as your strength improves.
Tip; Imagine you are sitting down on a chair, take your weight back to your heels.


2 Cat Stretch

This exercise stretches your whole spine and releases tension leaving you to feel wonderfully relaxed. 

1. Start in a box position, your hands beneath your shoulders, your knees beneath your hips and your head in line with your spine. 


2. Draw up your pelvic floor and your navel towards your spine.

3. Inhale to prepare.

4. As you exhale, push your spine up towards the ceiling, tuck your head down, look into your tummy.

Tip; As you curl your back up like a cat, imagine a string pulling you up to the ceiling from between your shoulder blades.

5.  Inhale at the top of the stretch.

6.  Exhale and move back into a straight position, imagine your tailbone lengthening away at one end and your head at the other.  Focus on keeping your pelvic floor engaged throughout the stretch!

Repeat five times.


To finish; Sit back on your heels in childā€™s pose, reach your arms forward and relax your forehead to the floor.

Child Pose