Become Pain Free with Pilates and Dorn Method Therapy

A Pilates Client had been suffering from lower back pain, During a mixed ability Pilates class I noticed her hips were misaligned.

I recommended Simone, who practices Dorn Method Therapy, a gentle manual approach, to realign the body.

Safe and gentle Method, achieving amazing and
immediate results
— Simone Straub

Continuing with the simple techniques shown by Simone and attending regular Pilates classes my client is now pain free.

Misalignment of the joints can result in poor posture.
Pilates and Dorn Method compliment each other both working to improve wrong posture and misalignments of joints.

The Dorn Method, was developed in Germany nearly 40 years ago by Dieter Dorn. It is a gentle and safe procedure applied by a qualified practitioner to correct misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints in the human body.

Simone Straub - Natural health practitioner