Pilates Takeaway - Rolling like a ball

Pilates Takeaway Rolling like a ball.

Exercise releases hormones which lift your mood, Rolling like a ball is a fun exercise which will make you laugh and smile!

 (If you have osteoporosis or injury of your spine, avoid all rolling exercises, Try the side lying leg lifts video instead. which will work to strengthen your core and realign your body)

Give yourself time, plenty of space and do use a mat for the following exercise.

Rolling like a ball strengthens your core, it is also an excellent spine massage and will bring a smile to your face!


1. Sit near the end of your mat, bend your knees in towards you and hold your ankles.

Lift your feet off the floor, balance on your sit bones. Curve your spine and tuck your chin down to your chest.


2. Inhale, pull your navel back towards your spine and roll backwards, bringing your knees with you and keeping your head tucked in. Do not roll back onto your neck.


3. Exhale, use your abdominal strength to propel you, roll forwards, then inhale and roll back again.


Repeat the rolling movement 10 times without letting your feet touch the floor.

Tip: Imagine you are curled up like a ball, keep your spine curved and use your inner strength to maintain a smooth roll.

To finish, roll up to sitting, allow your knees to fall open, bring the soles of your feet together.

Place your hands on your ankles and relax your head forwards.