Pilates Takeaway - Open leg rocker

Pilates Takeaway - Open leg rocker

This is a progression from Rolling like a ball and works to improve your balance, core strength and control.

 (If you have osteoporosis or injury of your spine, avoid all rolling exercises, Try the side lying leg lifts video instead. which will work to strengthen your core and realign your body)

Give yourself time, plenty of space and do use a mat for the following exercise.

1. Sit towards the end of your mat, balanced on your sit bones, your back and legs straight, hold your ankles firmly, keep your legs shoulder width apart.


2. Inhale, draw your abdominal muscles in, curve your spine and roll back to your shoulders.


3. Exhale, roll back up, straighten your back as you return to the start position, balance momentarily before rolling back again.


Repeat 6-8 times.

Tip: You can modify the exercise by bending your knees and holding your legs behind your thighs.

Finish with a full body stretch,  lie on your back lengthen your legs along the mat and extend your arms overhead to the mat behind you.